Givers, Takers, and Squeezers

Phil and I love watching The Andy Griffith Show. One of my favorite episodes is from season 1 and is entitled, “Opie’s Charity.” Andy is trying to teach Opie the importance of giving. A collection drive came to his school and Opie gave 3 cents, even though his piggy bank was full. Andy tells Aunt Bee that there are two types of people in the world, “there’s givers and there’s takers. Opie is somewhere in the middle. He’s a squeezer.” Last week found me nose to nose with some takers and squeezers.

Without going into all the ugly details, I was highly irritated by the situation. I needed to find a good solution to the problem these folks were causing and quick. Fortunately my friend Lori is a giver and stepped right up and offered a short term fix. Thank goodness for smart friends!

Saturday morning found me lacing up my Hokas and heading down my favorite patch of dirt road. (I did get a late start since it was the opening day of dove season and it sounded like I was in a war zone.) Just me, Gus and Walt. It was a beautiful morning. The sky was so clear and blue. It was cooler than it had been in months and there was a perfect breeze blowing. Of course my mind went to the events of the week. As I ran and thought, a long term solution to the problem came to me. I’m not sure if its the perfect solution, but at the very least it will work. Take that squeezers of the world!

I saw a quote somewhere last night that said, “I have 99 problems. Running will solve 86 of them.” There is a lot of truth in that, at least for me. I have no idea why or how, but running helps me sort things out and puts them into a better perspective. My running doesn’t change other people’s actions or attitudes. But it does change mine.

The week ended on a good note after all. I’m back to 4 runs a week. Anywhere from 3-5 miles a run. That makes my heart, body and mind very happy. I’m wanting to increase my monthly mileage and am playing with a few different ways to do it. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

If you have 30 minutes, get on YouTube or Netflix and watch Opie’s Charity.:)

Run happy.

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