Going Home

Last week seemed to be a little more hectic than normal. For the third week in a row, I only was able to get in 3 runs. I know that 3 is better than none, but I feel like I am losing ground when I just get 3 in.  Regardless of how hard I tried and how well I planned, 3 was the best I could do.   Cooler and calmer days are ahead…. at least that is what I keep telling myself! (Notice how 3 is in there 4 times, it even bothers my subconscious!)

The up-side is, other than last Sunday’s run, the other 2 were great! One evening as I started my run, the sun was going down and made quite a show of it. To the east, the moon made an equally stunning arrival. I was kept company by Walt and Gus and an entire company of fireflies. In addition, I was blessed with the sounds of frogs, coyotes, and a lone whippoorwill. It was awesome….plus my pace was really good too!   

This weekend Phil told my sister in law, Margo that I was writing a blog. He said, “She says it’s about running, it’s really about life.” First, I’m really surprised Phil reads my blog and secondly, he’s right,  especially about today’s post….

My aunt Helen passed away a couple of weeks ago. This weekend my immediate family gathered to say our goodbyes. Helen was 82 and just like her mother (my grandma Maurine), a firecracker! You never had to wonder where you stood with her.  Helen had made it perfectly clear to her son Mark that she did not want a funeral or a memorial. So instead, we had a “gathering” at the cemetery in Batesville, Saturday morning.

Helen left Sharp County when she was 17 or 18. She spent most of her life in Texarkana, but returned to live in Batesville  after her husband Bill passed away.  She stayed about 5 years before moving to Georgia to be closer to Mark and his wife Shirlene. It was her final wish to be brought home to be laid to rest. No matter where life had taken my aunt, this was still home.

My brother James and his family, who also live in Georgia came home to say their goodbyes. I only get to see them twice a year, when I’m lucky. James has two sons, Hayden who is 14, and 12 year old Jack. There is the same age difference in them as there is between James and I. Saturday evening, Phillip, James, Margo, the boys, Mother, and I all went to our family farm… we went home. 

No one lives there now and quite honestly, I don’t like going back. Too many ghosts there.  Anyway, Hayden took me on an ATV ride over the farm. We talked about the trees, and all the generations of our family who had owned the land before us. (Hayden and Jack are the 6th generation.)  I told him stories of some of the things James and I got into and he told me tales of his own. It was possibly the best “tour” of our farm I have ever had.

When we got back to the house it was nearly dark, we all sat on the back porch and ate some of Phillip’s famous Cave City Watermelons. We told stories and laughed. We watched the “lightning bugs” dancing in the yard. Hayden and Jack found a huge frog and were quite captivated by it! For just a few minutes, I closed my eyes and I was a child again. It was James and I poking a frog with a stick trying to get it to jump. Squealing because we were afraid it would pee on us and we would get warts! For just a few minutes all the people I have ever loved were all still alive and everything was right in the world. For just a few minutes I was home. 

Run happy. 


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