Grease What Squeaks

If a body part can chafe or blister during a run, mine has. When I first started running, I thought that was just part of it.  I just needed to suck it up.  Well, I’m old, I don’t suck up as well as I used to.

My feet have been the hardest thing for me to get lined out. I could not run without getting a blister. They developed on the sides of my feet, my heels and between my toes.  Early on, while researching remedies for blisters, I came across several articles and blogs on the uses of something called “body glide”. It is a lubricant you use on areas prone to chafing and blisters. In one of the blogs I read, it recommended using something called “Bag Balm.”

I was very familiar with Bag Balm, it is a staple in most farming households. Made in Vermont, it was developed to use on a cows udder. (In cold weather a cow’s udder can get very dry and crusty from a nursing calf. It is very uncomfortable for the cow and sometimes they won’t let the calf nurse because of the soreness.)  It is waterproof and we just happened to have a container on hand. I liberally rubbed it on my feet, and my days of blistering were over. Phil has even started putting it in my stocking at Christmas.

Another area that gives me a lot of discomfort, is the area where the bottom band of my sports bra lays. It is forever more raw. I talked to my friend and fellow runner Lori Lu about it, she recommended turning my bra inside out when I ran. That helped, but didn’t completely stop it. She also recommended wearing a bra that looks like a piece of battle armor, but those are for larger chested women, they don’t come in training bra sizes.

Finally last night, after 2 years of running, it occurred to me to use the Bag Balm under by bra band. Hallelujah it worked! Sometimes my running isn’t the only slow thing about me.

July ended on a low for me. Four weeks straight only three runs per week. Friday I left the melon  stand a little early to come home and run. My neighbor pulled in just as I did and stayed over an hour. A 9 pm run wasn’t in me. Saturday night looked promising until we decided to go eat with visiting family. I would not have missed the time with them for anything, so I guess I can chalk July off as life lesson. August is already a nightmare. Trying to get all the technology ready for the start of school, two Bethany Project events in one week, and the watermelon festival starting Thursday is about to push me over the edge. I will have to get creative to get my runs in, because heaven knows I will need the peace and strength they bring.

Run happy.

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