There is a #ihavearunnersbody movement in the running community. Apparently, there is this strange notion shared by many that you aren’t really a runner if you aren’t thin and lanky.  Excuse me! Excuse me! (In my best Suzanne Sugarbaker voice. If you don’t know who Suzanne Sugarbaker is…bless your heart. Look for Designing Women on youtube.)  We’re not all sticks! Some of us have meat on our bones and curves. That doesn’t make us any less of a runner.

I’m often asked how I have lost so much weight. Sometimes when I tell people that I run, they look me up and down and say “You run?”  I want to throat punch them, but Phil says that’s not nice and I could go to jail. So, I smile sweetly and say “Yes, yes I do.” I had a person tell me recently that I just didn’t look like a runner, and just kept going on. I’m pretty sure the remark wasn’t made to offend me, but I was a little aggravated.

I was a fat girl, now I’m a not so fat girl. When I gained weight, not one time did someone come up to me and say “Dang Julie, you got fat.” Well, that did happen once, in WalMart, and she tried to squeeze my fat roll, but that’s another story.   It’s great when people notice my hard work. If asked I will tell you what works for me. But please, don’t try to tell me why I shouldn’t run or I don’t look like a “real” runner to you.

Often, people tell me, “I can’t run because….”  Ok, I’m not standing on a stump trying to convert people to running. It’s not for everyone. I tried many forms of exercise before I started running. I literally fell in love with it, Phil says I am obsessed. Maybe.  If you want to start working out, try different things until you find something you love. Walk, run, swim, box, cross fit, bike, lift, yoga, there are countless options. Getting healthy and exercising isn’t a competition, the only person who wins or loses is you. If you are happy with your health choices, great! If you aren’t, then do something about it.

In the meantime, I did a little Google search and found 12 Things You Never Say To a Runner:

1. You paid how much for those running shoes?

2.  Don’t you know, running is bad for your knees?

3.  Can’t you just skip your run today?

4. You are running on the wrong side of the road.

5.  You don’t look like a runner.

6.  How much of your run do you walk?

7. Running is boring.

8.  You’re going to run in this weather?

9.  Don’t you get tired?

10. Why do you sweat so much?

11. I only run if something is chasing me.

12. Run, Forest, Run

Run happy.

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