Me and Jesus

Me and Jesus is an old country song by the great Tom T. Hall. It goes something like “me and Jesus got our own thing going, me and Jesus got it all worked out, me and Jesus got our own thing going, we don’t need anybody to tell us what it’s all about.”  I am often asked to go for a run by one of my running friends or why I don’t run races. I typically tell people because my running time is my Jesus time. They kind of laugh and nod their heads and go on. But that statement has never been truer than tonight.

Tonight was my first run since last Wednesday. The watermelon festival started Thursday night and consumed my every waking moment for four days. Last week was also the worst week of the work year. School started today and trying to get all the last minute technology issues resolved was a nightmare. 

Our festival committee is a great group of people, the best group of people around. Last year was our first year to organize the festival and everything went great, I guess it went too great. This year we had some hiccups, nothing huge, just several little things added together that absolutely stressed me out. Most of the issues were caused from a lack of communication.  The biggest stressor of the week was the weather. Since the festival is outside, the weather is pretty important. For 10 days before the festival, the weather showed storms were headed our way. And they were right. We survived Thursday night and nearly all of Friday night. Saturday we had to cancel the parade and all activities at the park. We moved the Saturday night concert to the high school gym. Most people were understanding, but there was that ever so vocal few that hammered us on social media and in the coffee shops. For the life of me I cannot understand why I give the negative, vocal minority a second thought! But I do.

The weather and the communication glitches on top of my stress over not having everything finished at school made me a crazy woman. I snapped at people I should not have. I said words that if my 78 year old mother would have heard come out of my mouth she would have grabbed me by the hair of the head and slapped my jaws.  I lost my temper twice and had to tuck my head and walk away so I wouldn’t say something I couldn’t take back or be able to apologize enough for. I felt let down by some people I thought wouldn’t leave my side.  For some reason I have this stupid idea that everything has to go perfect, or it just isn’t good enough.

So tonight, I laced up my Hoka’s and hit the gravel road. Gus, Walt, me and Jesus. At first the rain was coming down in sprinkles. About half way in, it began to pour. If you have never ran in the rain, you are truly missing one of the greatest experiences in life. The harder it rained the harder I prayed and somewhere in a big puddle on Saint Paul Road I let the hurt, anger, frustration, and stress go.  My heart was filled with joy and peace and the realization that it was all alright. The rain had cleared my head and cleansed my soul. Maybe someday I won’t let things get to me so much and I will learn to accept things I have no control over. Until then I will just keep running…and praying.

As for the outcome of the festival, it was AWESOME! I can safely say we put together one of the best, if not the best festival in the state of Arkansas. As for the first day of school, it was AWESOME too! I am blessed to live in a wonderful place and am surrounded by the best people on the planet.

If you don’t know Jesus, I encourage you to seek Him out. If you don’t have some type of activity that will push you to your limit and then some, I encourage you to find one. If  you don’t have a dog, get yourself to a shelter and adopt one!

Run happy.

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