This Little Light Of Mine

Time is never my friend. Doesn’t seem how hard I try, I just don’t make good use of the 24 hours I am given every day.

It is calving season on the farm. This means it usually takes extra time to check the cows every evening. I am not complaining. We have had years with no baby calves. And honestly, checking the cows is probably my most favorite part of the day.  Some of the cows will give birth right out in the middle of the field with all the cows around. Others, will find the most secluded place in the woods they can get to.img_2670 If they are having trouble, they typically go deeper into the woods. Phil and I have literally spent hours looking for a missing cow. Most of the time, we have happy endings, but not always.

Longer times at the farm, means a later running start. Since it is almost always dark before I finish I have to take extra precautions to be seen in the dark. Even though we live in the sticks down a gravel road, the road is well travelled. It is the shortest distance from a dry county to a wet one.  We affectionately call it the “beer run road”.  :-O It is really important for me to be highly visible!!

My shorts and shirt both have reflective stripes. My headband is a buff with a reflective design and my shoes also have reflective fabric.  Phil bought me a LED headlamp, it is a bug magnet but it lights up the entire road in front of me.  It also has a flashing feature that is pretty cool.  I also have a reflective vest type thingy that I strap on.


I really don’t like taking the dogs with me after dark. On those occasions that I cannot keep them at home, I put a flashing light on them.  Gus and Walt are the only 2 I take with me. Walt likes wearing his, he prances down the road with it! Gus tries as hard as he can to lose his. Last time, he stuck his head under a rock and pulled it off. Fortunately I could see it flashing and was able to retrieve it!


All of this may be overkill, but I really don’t want the dogs or me smashed!

I had a first a few nights ago. I met our neighbors out for a ride on their 4 wheeler.(They usually don’t ride the route I run.) The lady started cheering for me. Yelling “Yay! yay! Good job! Good for you!”  I was going up a pretty steep hill and I absolutely needed that extra boost! The next time you see a runner, even if you don’t know them, wave, honk, give them a thumbs up, just something to let them know you are cheering them on.  You might just be surprised how much they appreciate it.

The weather is finally getting cooler, now if we could just get some RAIN. Get out there and enjoy it!

Run happy.

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