Oh 50, you came and the world kept turning. Phil, who never misses work, took the big day off and we went to P. Allen Smith’s Moss Mountain Farm in Roland. It is a very beautiful place. We toured the gardens and the house. They also provided lunch. It was a very good way to spend the day.

Turning 50 comes with some unexpected baggage. Amber Fore is my health care provider, she is the best! I went to see her a couple of months ago for a blood pressure issue. At that time she told me that since I was hitting 5-0 she needed to schedule a couple of procedures for me. She knows I am not big on “procedures” or really any type of medical interaction. But I decided what the heck.

The first thing scheduled was a mammogram. I have had a couple in the past and they are not the most pleasant of things. But, since my sweet sister-in-law is battling breast cancer, I went ahead with it. Baxter County Regional Hospital has a mobile mammogram unit that travels the state. They were in Cave City for a couple of days, so I didn’t have any excuse not to do it.  The ladies were super nice, and it was  pretty quick.

I put mammograms in the same category as WalMart. I hate them both and there is way too much handling of the goods. Think about it… you go to WalMart put all your items in your cart. You take them out of your cart to get scanned, they get bagged and put back in your cart. Then you put them in your automobile. You take them out of your automobile, carry them inside and put them away. Seriously, why doesn’t WalMart have the technology so all you have to do is scan your entire cart at once? Then you take them to your car, bag or box them, or just throw them in the seat.

Same thing with a mammogram. The goods are handled way too much. They are positioned and repositioned. You lean in, lean out, lean to the side, step up, step back, all the time with your goods in a vice. You should just be able to walk up to a machine and it scans the girls from all angles. AND you shouldn’t have to take off your clothes. You can’t tell me they can’t make a device that will take an image through your clothes, since they have one that will take pictures of your bones through all your fat and skin. I know they have those machines, they just need to make them more accessible to poor, rural areas.

Next thing scheduled for me WAS a colonoscopy. I had no clue what that entailed. The lady at the doctor’s office started explaining it to me and I started doing that nervous chicken laugh thing I do. Needless to say, this gal ain’t having one done.

In honor of  my birthday, I had set a goal to run 50 miles from November 1 to November 18. I met my goal on the 17th and wound up with 75 for the month. It still amazes me that when I turned 47 I couldn’t run to the end of the driveway. I hope when I turn 60 I am still running at least 75 miles a month.

The holidays are already a struggle. Too much good food everywhere I turn. And I am pretty crappy at being able to walk away from it. I am scheduling my runs just like any other appointments. That helps me stay on track. This week I have had somewhere to be 4 nights. That left only 3 nights for running. I was able to squeeze a workout in on the elliptical and recumbent bike one night. I have a treadmill, but I hate it as much as I love running outside. I will run on it, but only if snow keeps me off the road for several days.

Cold weather gives me fits trying to figure out how many layers to wear.  I do not understand how I can sweat buckets and still be cold! My upper body is the problem area. Short sleeves and a jacket? Long sleeves and a vest? Long sleeves and a jacket???? Why does this have to be so complicated?  It is not uncommon for me to leave top layers  in the weeds, hanging from a tree or shoved in a neighbor’s mailbox. Warm weather running is so much easier! Regardless of the weather, I just have to keep moving.

Run happy.

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