Kiss This

For as long as I can remember I have been unable to control how much sugar I eat. If I don’t start, I’m ok. But if I ever do, look out. I even have a secret candy stash. (I guess it’s not secret anymore.) In the last few weeks, I have faltered more times than I care to admit. 

Recently a group at school  sold Krispy Kreme donuts. Of course I bought a box,  I had to help a good cause. I didn’t touch them until the drive home. The smell was straight from the devil and I could not resist. By the time I got I home I was almost in a sugar coma. You don’t need to know how many I ate…let’s just say I didn’t eat them all. As I was getting out of the truck, the dogs knocked them out of my hands and onto the ground. Six dogs can make short work out of a box of donuts!  I think that was divine intervention.

On a recent trip to Walmart I discovered the most wonderful thing ever… carrot cake Hershey Kisses. Oh my, they are melt in your mouth good. Since I went to Walmart on an empty stomach I did what you would expect. I bought two bags…. and two bags of birthday cake Kisses. When I got home I hid them in a cookie jar in our dining room. It sits on a table with several other pieces of Fiestaware. Who would suspect anything sinister was lurking inside an innocent looking jar?

Since we don’t eat in the dining room and I only walk through there a couple of times a day, it didn’t seem like a problem at first. I would grab 2-3 and go about my merry way. That was ok if I was at work all day. But, when spring break rolled around it became a problem in a hurry.

Monday I probably ate 10 pieces. At the end of the day, I was literally sick. Too much sugar puts me in a funk and makes me physically ill.  You would think that would be enough to stop me. Wrong. I started to throw the kisses in the trash. But then I stopped. I realized it was time for me to stop avoiding my weakness and meet it head on. That’s when I got the bright idea to put a little note on top of the candy. 


I haven’t eaten a piece since. I will open the lid, read the note and either immediately close the lid or on two occasions I have taken one piece, took a couple of steps and put it back in the jar. I’m hoping this is the start of a new chapter in my thus far unending weight control saga.

I guess I’m finally making myself accountable. If I’m making more of a conscience effort and putting it out here for the world to see, maybe that will give me the incentive I need to finally beat this sugar obsession!  Does anyone else have struggles like this? If you do, how do you handle it? I would love to hear some other things that work.

One good thing that came from spring break was I didn’t leave the house for five days. I was able to get an enormous amount of work done in the house. I ran on the days I wanted to and had three good runs and 1 crappy one. But I finished the week strong and I was happy enough.

Me and kettle bells have parted ways. I hate them. I dropped them on my toes too many times to count. I do at least five days of cardio a week. Since we live on a farm, I do a lot of lifting of feed and others things. I know that is not comparable and maybe I will find some type of strength training that I like and will stick with. I’m considering yoga, so if any one has any advice on it, I would love to hear it.

Run happy, be fierce.

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