I Don’t Know What To Call This One

To say it has been an interesting week would be an understatement.  It started with my elderly mother taking a nasty fall while out shopping and winding up in the ER. By the grace of God she didn’t break anything. She was badly bruised and had a huge knot on  her head, but otherwise she was ok. She refused to go to the ER in an ambulance so the owners of the store drove her to the hospital. She didn’t know them, they didn’t know her, they just did it. They are good people! They were probably amazed that she insisted on doing her shopping before going to the hospital. Only my mother would do that. My friend Lori was my lifesaver that day and went with me to drive Mother’s  car back to her house. Lori never blinked an eye when I asked her to go,  she just said, “Let’s go.” I am blessed.

That night I had a watermelon festival meeting. On my way home, I discovered one of our calves out on the road. Phil was at Melbourne, and since I have a tendency to be independent I decided I could get him in on my own… in the dark.  One thing I did have going was the moonlight. It was so bright and beautiful.  As I was making my way down the road walking behind this thing, a truck stopped. Most people would when they saw someone walking down the middle of the road at night with a flashlight herding a calf, but since this is the beer run road you never know.  I had no idea who it was since their lights were shining in my direction. A man’s voice said, “Hey Julie, want me to open this gate?” Absolutely I did and was so grateful these two men had shown up when they did. They parked their truck where the calf couldn’t get by, spread out, shined their lights toward the gate, and the calf went in as pretty as you please. I was so relieved by the ease of it all.  The man said, “You can take the man out of Sidney, but you can’t take Sidney out of the man!” To which I replied, “Who are you??!” It was my former neighbor and student Tyler and another former student Zack. I told  them they were an answer to my prayer. (The first thing I do whenever I’m in that kind of situation is ask God for help. He always supplies it too!)  They just laughed and said no one had ever said that about them!  I was so glad they picked that night to come to Tyler’s parents farm to coon hunt! I am blessed.

The next afternoon I had more cow drama. Walt and I went to the farm to check the cows. I noticed a cow laying on the creek bank, but didn’t think anything about it. It was pretty warm, and she was in a nice cool place. I had to make my way around the creek to see all the cows. When I got to the side of the creek she was on, I happened to notice her stretching her back leg out behind her. That’s not normal, cows don’t do that. As I approached, I saw she was tangled up in barbed wire. Phil was in the watermelon field and had sketchy cell service. Between repeated calls and texts I finally made contact and he headed my way. While waiting for him, once again I thought, I can do this by myself. Wrong. The cow was so calm, she didn’t even twitch when I started trying to free her. She had been there so long and had tried so hard, the wire was wound  tightly around her leg, there was no way I could do anything. I also realized Phil was going to need wire cutters and someone a little stronger than me to help him. So, I called our neighbor Chance and asked him for wire cutters. When I told him what was going on, his reply was “I’ll be right there.” He and his wife Kate pulled in when Phil did.

As soon as Katie saw the cow she said, “”You always have the oddest things happen to you.” She and Chance have helped me with coyotes a couple of times and a few other oddball incidents. Phil and Chance were able to free her pretty quickly. She had been down so long and the wire was so tight she had lost feeling in her leg. She was wobbly and we worried she would roll down the creek bank into the water, but she didn’t. Once she got her balance, she just stood still for a while. She is doing well. I am blessed.

If you follow me and don’t know me personally, you may not know that I am the IT Director for my school district. I have a degree in Business Education and taught for 17 years before taking my current job. I work at the school Phil and I graduated from. Many of my friends kids and  grandkids go to school there, so I take what I do extremely personal. Our area is very, very poor. I know that education is the only chance many of these kids have for a better life.  I will fight you to make sure they get the best education we can give them.

Since we are a small school, the staff is close knit,  like family. We will fight among ourselves, but NOBODY from the outside better mess with one of us.  That became very clear this week.

The end of the school year is filled with field trips. On one such trip this week, there was a little unnecessary drama. While playing at our local park, a few students called their parents to ask them to bring them drinks from the local fast food restaurant. They told their parents they had  playing and were dehydrated because they had no water. Which was not true. Instead of checking out the story, a parent took to social media to criticize the teachers on the trip and the school.  Several people chimed in on criticizing the teachers and the school as a whole. Then, someone posted that the “teachers at that school needed to have the crap smoked out of them….”

Needless to say all hell broke loose. When I was shown what had been posted about my “family” I got about as mad as I have been in a long, long time. The teachers felt threatened, I would have too. The person who made the post should have known better than anyone else not to post something so stupid. After a lot of talking and discussion the situation was resolved, but the damage was done. The person who made the statement has lost all credibility with a whole lot of people.

As a school family we all rallied around our fellow teachers and was reminded that we truly are a family. I can’t imagine working anywhere else. I am blessed.

*I guess I need to tell the entire story since I always try to give you the good, bad and ugly. In case you are wondering why the remark was such a big deal, it is because it was made by a police officer. We probably won’t have thought much about it if it had been made by just some good ‘ol boy in town.

Speaking of social media, I was blocked by an old friend this week on Facebook. My politics lean to the left. I don’t make any apologies for my opinions, they make me who I am and I have the right to speak them from time to time. But, since I live in a very conservative area, I don’t talk politics often. I have no desire to argue with people and do not feel the need to defend my political position.  If you want to know where I stand on an issue, ask. I will be happy to tell you. 🙂

My so called friend had posted a rant about respect. He said if you wanted respect you had to give respect and that liberals needed to learn that lesson. My co-worker and right hand man Jonas replied to the post with something like, “yes, that is true, but it usually doesn’t work that way and the Bible has that part about doing unto others…” That’s a bad paraphrase but you get it. I posted three words, “as do conservatives.” The friend blocked Jonas and I both. The irony is the friend is a preacher. 

I am constantly amazed by the intolerance of people these days. If you don’t go along with their way of thinking, you are an idiot. And they will tell you that. I love people who have different viewpoints and life experiences than me. I love to hear others opinions and thoughts. I love a good lively, but civil debate! Unfortunately, I am in a very small minority.

That is what I love about the running community. Runners stick together, runners encourage each other, they build each other up. In the nearly 3 years that I have been running, I have NEVER had another runner say one thing negative to me. If I say, “I’m not a real runner, I’m too slow.” They say, “You run. You are a runner.” They don’t say “Wow you had a slow run yesterday.” Instead they say “Great job, you ran 5 miles yesterday.” They look for the positive. I like that, I like that a lot. 

I think there is a life lesson there. Be like a runner, build people up, respect the differences in others. Be kind, be supportive, be a positive voice in the world of negatives.

Run happy. Be fierce.

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